The Disgrace of the CRC

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Some €700,000 worth of charitable donations to the Central Remedial Clinic (CRC) was used to fund a retirement package for former Chief Executive, Paul Kiely, when he left the disability service in June.

This is on top of the €3m loan from the charity arm Friends and Supporters of CRC to fund the pension pot of Mr Kiely and others.

The Dail’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has heard that Mr Kiely’s lump sum payment was far greater than what he had claimed when he appeared before them on December 11.

Many people who have unwaveringly helped raise funds for the charity selling Santa Bears, running marathons and holding various events are angered about this .It is good that the lid is being lifted on these charities and their boards. I think this is a case of opening pandora’s box with the culture of entitlement across all these boards and across all sectors, both public and private of the state.

Unfortunately there has existed and continues to exist a group of people who do not live like the rest of us. They are the elite, and they see nothing wrong with this type of activity. Their faction includes Politicians, Churchmen, Medical Consultants etc. They see nothing wrong with paying themselves multiples of the average wage and getting top ups in the form of pension payments etc while other suffer. At a time when the old age pension age of entitlement is being pushed out to 68 for us mere mortals  we see scum like Kiely getting massive top ups to their pension pots. How come some users of the CRC are on long waiting lists for vital physiotherapy and other services due to lack of funding while this enormous sum of money for the CE can suddenly be found.

Of course the elite could not be expected to live on what we ordinary citizens have to live on.

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