One import we do not want


This morning the Bracken Court Hotel announced they had pulled out of hosting this weeks  American Pageant contest. Minister for children ,Frances Fitzgerald welcomed the decision saying  “such contests were highly inappropriate for young children and I welcome what the hotel has done”. However, the organiser of the pageant, Annette Hill said the pageant will go ahead and they had taken the precaution of booking two other venues.8 year old American Beauty Star, Eden Wood is still  set to appear on tonight’s Late Late Show.

In my ,these children’s beauty pageants are not part of our culture and should not be banned. All young children love dressing up and trying on their mothers clothes, but this is totally different to the type of dressing up we see a these pageants. Young children  are plastered in make up ,forced to wear wigs and made to wear uncomfortable dresses inappropriate for  their age.

The dangers of these pageants are children who are judged on their looks are likely to grow up placing more emphasis on their appearance than the real things in life such as having fun playing with other children and enjoying the thing a child with a normal childhood would enjoy. Their is also the danger that the children will grow up thinking their looks will get them anywhere in life and without them they be failures .The damage that these pageants can do to children’s self esteem and to their health far outweighs any gains. These children  grow up obsessed by their weight and looks  leading to eating disorders later in life.

Looks are not the only thing these children need to have to win competition, they need to have a lot of money to put into it.Without  the most expensive dresses ,the wigs ,the spray tanned little bodies ,the false flipper teeth and the best photo portfolios .This is sexualizing of young children .Parents are using their children to live their own dreams and make a living for them. If this is allowed into Ireland we are we failing to protect our children .

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